“The Tv Made Me Do It” by Moon Walker

LA-based band Moon Walker (singer/guitarist Harry Springer and drummer Sean McCarthy) has entered a realm of angry and political rock n roll with first single “Tear Down the Wall”. The song represents election day and the aftermath of Trump and the game that is politics. Just two months later, they are back with another political hard hitter, ‘The TV Made Me Do It”. According to Harry, the “it” is referring all those psychos storming the capitol, clearly Moon Walker is not afraid to speak on tender topics.

The electrifying track, accompanied with a thrilling music video, truly has something for everyone. The deep bass and heavy guitar riffs are sure to please any rock fan with an opinion, the vocals and powerful lyrics make it obvious that this is not a one hit wonder punk rock band. Moon Walker is fully indulging their political opinions in their writing and the people are agreeing with the message.

They are not afraid to speak out about for what is right and what they believe in. “The TV Made Us Do It” makes you want to chug a beer and enter a mosh pit with no regrets. The single makes you want to release any stagnant energy that you have been holding in. With in your face lines such as

“Showed up early at the capitol
Bright and early with a gun pulled
We were following orders by the president and his owners
Wore the mask of a movement
The TV made us do it”

While this may only be the second release Harry and Sean are no strangers to each other, they met in high school and have been creating music together for a decade now. A typical day for long time friends includes waking up, get coffee, make music, get coffee, make music, watch movies, fall asleep. It seems the duo figured out a routine that helps them create political bangers.

 “The TV Made Me Do It” is just the beginning for Moon Walker, with this killer music video that expressed political problems and the in depth lyrics about the the effects of social media. The music video for “The TV Made Me Do It” is available to watch on Youtube and it’s available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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