Artist Interview: “miss you” by Dzill

Q: You’ve been working music quite a while, is there any advice you would give to someone just starting out? 


DZILL: Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. It’s scary to share art to the world that will be judged, but it is better to have your art out there being judged, instead of sitting on a harddrive never completed, or released. Enjoy the creative process. 



Q: Who are your biggest disco musical influences?


DZILL: I love disco so much. Chic, Donna Summer, Diana Ross, Bee Gees and Earth, Wind & Fire to name a few. As far as more recent nu-disco, the former duo Oliver is probably one my biggest electronic music inspirations in general. Of course we cannot forget Daft Punk and Justice too. I also love Purple Disco Machine, Aeroplane and Chromeo, they groove like no other. I can keep going haha.

Q: You’ve gained the attention of some pretty big names (Martin Garrix, Don Diablo, Deadmau5), how has that influenced your music?


DZILL: I’m super grateful for all the support I’ve received from anyone, let alone some of these huge names in the EDM world. Getting support on certain tracks has helped me become more clear on the genres/ styles I produce strongest with and has helped me focus on a clearer direction with the music I release. 


Q: What has been, so far, your favorite song to perform and why?


DZILL: In NYC, my gigs are mostly open format with an emphasis on hip-hop, pop and latin. The song that always gets people screaming lately is ‘Roses’ by Outkast. Such a classic and such a good tune. Once that bluesy piano intro hits, you know everyone in the bar is just waiting to scream CAROLINE as loud as they possibly can. 

Q: What would you like to say to your fans out there?


DZILL: Thanks for listening and for your support of dzill. I wouldn’t be anything without people listening to my music. 



Q: What is next for you?

DZILL: There are a few exciting projects on the horizon for me as things continue to open up post covid. I’m looking into throwing my own party in the future. I’m also working with several singers for some exciting collabs. Stay tuned.


Interviewed by Stephanie Pankewich





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