“Repent” by Murnau

“Repent” immediately hooks you in with the heavy distorted guitar riff and it keeps you hooked as singer/guitarist Alex Riggen draws you in with his voice and drummer Nick Pompou keeps the beat while killing it on the drum set. This grunge/ post rock duo from Moline, IL may be “new” to the scene but they are no strangers to each other. The duo has been in bands together since high school and now, seventeen years later, they are still keeping the band they started after college going. After a few years hiatus, Murnau came back together in early 2019 and released, Static, a remastered collection of original recordings. In 2020, their first full length album was complete, Lungs. Shortly after the release of Lungs they produced a new album Salamander and now they are back with their newest single “Repent.”

“Murnau’s second studio album, Salamander, released in March 2021, and following the album release is “Repent”, a brand new single mastered by 15x grammy winner, Howie Weinberg. He has helped this local band boost their grunge sound to the maximum. 

Although they don’t have bassist in the group, it doesn’t stop them from keeping the beat and rocking hard. Murnau’s sound is raw and loud and catchy as hell. Although the lyrics may be up for interpretation, “Repent is a song of unrequited love and faith. Alex Riggin says “Sometimes we like to get together, turn three guitar amps on loud, make sure the distortion pedals are all on, beat on the drums and sing into a microphone about weird stuff. Repent is the result of that desire.

“Repent” is such an in your face song and still gives you the room to relax, you can jump in the mosh pit or simply chill in the back of the party and drink your beer. When the guitar solo hits, I suggest putting the beer down and hopping in the pit. This song will have you vibing to it long after it is over. “Repent” gives you a fresh take and grunge while still sounding nostalgic.

Again, “Repent” is the first stand alone single from Murnau in 2021, and is following the album released earlier this year, ‘Salamander’ . Those looking for variety in their grunge meets post rock meets nostalgia listen to this killer song “Repent”, you will not regret it.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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