Artist Interview: “Drink Too Much” by Coral Palms

Q: :”Drink Too Much” is such an anthem, what was your inspiration in making the song?

CORAL PALMS: The original working title was ‘Lost in Translation’ after the 2003 film – the song was never explicitly about the film’s narrative but it follows the themes of youthful disarray and trying to make sense of being a small fish in a big pond! From a musical sense, we just wanted something huge and mesmerizing, packed with hooks and I think we got that from the studio time!

Q: It is your 3rd single, why this song?

CORAL PALMS: Good things come in 3’s! Originally, we thought it was our best weapon in the arsenal and to some degree it still is, but we were blown away by the reception of our second single, ‘Open Roads’

Q: There is a lyric video associated with “Drink Too Much”, are there any plans to release an official video?

CORAL PALMS: We had such big ideas for a high budget video and we would never rule out making one. Perhaps after we get a little better known, we will give the song the video it deserves!

Q: Coral Palms is London based, how did band members Ollie, Will, Adriano and Callum come together?

CORAL PALMSWe all met at music college. I met Callum on day 1, then formed a very strong brotherly friendship with Ollie. After we’d written the tracks we took them to Ad’s studio and when they were done we needed a live set-up. Our first gig was something special, we all fell in love with the band and the music and the bond has been unbreakable since!

Q: Of your three singles, do you have a favorite? If so, why is it your favorite?

CORAL PALMSIt really does fluctuate, but in terms of deep relatability and personal experience, ‘Drink Too Much’ definitely. But we love everything we make for sure

Q: What does Coral Palm do when you aren’t working on music?

CORAL PALMS:  Most of us are full-time musicians, whether that be playing or writing in other projects, session work, production, teaching, even sound engineering. Other than work, we love a few pints and a bit of ‘lads’ time, normally just chilling and watching stupid videos on YouTube.

Interviewed by Jaye Maverick




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