Artist Interview: “Fall Back” by Brandon Young

Q: So, correct me if I’m wrong…you’ve been releasing your music on platforms like Spotify since 2019, the first demo being “Ready” (gorgeous song). And then the pandemic hits…has anything regarding your songwriting/producing process changed because of it?

BRANDON: Not really, not the process itself. But since there are less things to do, there was less to write about.

Q: Despite the pandemic, you’ve been releasing some great music. You recently released your single “Fall Back,” and let me tell you…it’s a banger. My mind was chaotic, but when I hit that play button right off the bat, everything seemed to fade, and my entire being started to chill. I guess I can say I got high off this track. I need to know what the energy was like when working on the song.

BRANDON: It definitely was mad chill, and just thinking about success in a space where I was surrounded by people who were like “bro, I need to get b****es” while my head space was in “bro, I just need to get rich,” and just wanting to fall back on that and focus on myself more. 


Q: You said that this song manifests “living the perfect life and gaining the opportunity to succeed in a music career” and reflects the lifestyle of “faking until you make it.” Do you think those are the true essence of being in the entertainment industry?

BRANDON: I’m sticking true to what I do, and haven’t said anything untrue or fake in music, and I still believe in what I said about that, but I do believe that there are other ways to make it in the industry. I’d just rather speak my own story.


Q: I love your confidence and swag in “Fall Back,” especially with the lyric “my music gon’ keep bumpin’ till the day I make it.” Do you have the same amount of swag that you have in the booth outside of it? Who is Brandon Young when not working on music?

BRANDON: Undoubtedly. The same charisma, the same finesse, all that. Outside of music, I’m just a guy who likes to work out, do physical activities, chill, relax, and play video games. I like to learn and hear new things, random things, and trying new things.

Q: Where do you see your music career taking off to?

BRANDON: The highest of heights. Decades of good music being released. Being talked about with the greatest. On Bee Gees, Ambrosia s***.


Q: Whether another artist or someone in your circle…who motivates you to keep pursuing your passion for music?

BRANDON: My guy, Jeremy Jung, for sure.


Q: Lastly, what’s your guilty pleasure?

BRANDON: I’ve been so clean lately. I would say my guilty pleasure is f***ing laying in my bed and eating food all day, but that’s as bad as it gets. I haven’t been drinking or smoking lately, but a pint of Ben & Jerry’s with some Netflix, that’s about it.

Interviewed by Taylor Berry

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