“Like You Miss Me” by Foley

California-based artist Foley doesn’t hesitate to pull at your heartstrings and make you blush. The singer-songwriter and producer’s single “Like You Miss Me” is absolute perfection and makes you want a love like the one described in the song. It’s simple yet has that “firework” effect – when you see fireworks, you can’t help but smile and gasp – that’s what this song makes you do. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Ready for a fun fact that will melt your heart? His girlfriend was also singing on the track. Listen closely to hear.

What makes this track a hit is that it’s catchy, relatable, unforgettable, and impacts the listener’s emotions. If an artist can do that through their music, know that their music career is going somewhere.

The beat, acoustic guitar, vocals, and audio effects altogether intensify the intimacy in the song. Still, we get that intimate feel originally from the acoustic guitar alone at the song’s start. The instrumentation in the track is phenomenal, especially the part where he sings, “can you catch this wave,” and the two claps heard synch perfectly – one-hundred percent mind-blowing.

Love songs need heart-throbbing lyrics, and Foley succeeded with choosing the right words for this piece. “Why do I feel like I kinda miss you even though I’m just meeting you” – such a powerful lyric. Funny thing, while we all have expectations for who we want to be with, there are those expectations deep inside of us that we don’t know we need until we meet that person who provides them. And that “missing” feeling most likely stems from the qualities you need in your soulmate to complete you.

Not only did Foley create a masterpiece, but he also created something speechless. His music journey is definitely something you want to follow.

Written by Taylor Berry

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