“Rush” by Scream Mountain

Instead of blowing your wallet on a much-needed vacation, relax with “Rush” by Scream Mountain playing in your headphones. The dreamy instrumentality contributes to the song’s soothing texture, allowing you to enjoy the band’s superior sound while feeling at ease. Whether on your bed or going for a midnight drive, enjoy the serene and superb journey to escapism – for free!

The Australian band comprises members Paul Scaramella, Jordan Pawlik, Joshua Watson, and Jack Nelson. “Rush” is their first single from their unreleased sophomore EP “Drowsy Hours,” released in late 2021.

There are many things to love about this song, but the main things that stuck out would have to be the cozy melodic guitar, harmonies, and tune catchiness.

Throughout the entire track, the guitar melody sticks out a bit, which is a good thing – it brings color to the song. Sometimes, it’s good to have that one instrument playing against the other instruments just to spruce things up. But the instrumentation is flawless. The way they work together heightens the song’s emotionality.

Those vocal harmonies definitely seize the attention, especially towards the end of the song when there’s a bit of an instrumental pause and the vocals are given the spotlight. It’s unexpected but goosebump-worthy.

The song in its entirety is phenomenal, and there’s no doubt that many people will love it. If the piece can relax minds, it’s a big wonder about what it’s like when performed live. Scream Mountain is extraordinarily talented and headed to the top. We can’t wait to hear how their EP turns out.

Written by Taylor Berry

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