“New York Song” by The Century Band ft. Bobby Harden

Tasteful. Beautiful. Spectacular. Exactly how one would describe Brooklyn’s own The Century Band’s love song to New York, “The New York Song” featuring Bobby Harden. If you’ve never been to New York and wonder what it’s like, grab some headphones, close your eyes, and listen to “The New York Song.” You can just see the subway trains, hear the traffic, and taste the New York-style pizza through the song.

Written by Dan Klug, the song is dedicated to New Yorkers and inspired by his connection to the city and its people. Klug then gathered Ray Cetta (bass and brass), Tom Wilson (piano), Kevin Raczka (drums), and the frontman, Bobby Harden. Together, these musicians effortlessly brought life to Klug’s lyrics.

With style, love, and feeling, The Century Band served New York a massive slice of greatness with this single – New York, meet your new anthem!

This vigorous and soulful song doesn’t fail to amaze. Many people can agree that Soul like this hasn’t been heard in a while.

Immediately upon listening to the piece, nostalgia hits. A bit of The Spinners influence is heard in the song, which is terrific – The Spinners would be very proud. Harden’s singing was marvelous and, in a way, is similar to R&B/Soul singer Kem’s voice, yet Harden’s is richer.

It’s phenomenal how lively each instrument is and how well they work together. The dynamics in the instruments play a huge role in the song’s emotion, with the crescendos as the song approaches the chorus and the decrescendos as they approach the verses, allowing Harden’s incredible voice to shine.
It’s a spectacular piece and worthy of a standing ovation. Just from feeling the song through the depths of the Soul, you’re convinced that New York is one state worth visiting to see what the hype is all about.

Written by Taylor Berry





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