“Will You Save Me” by Jay Korner

There is nothing better than a song that does not waste a second of your time. Those long, drawn-out intros that make you wonder…do I have time for this? This is exactly why listeners will instantly fall for “Will You Save Me” by Jay Korner. 

Right out of the gate, “Will You Save Me” captivates with a funky guitar riff that piques the interest. Then soon enough Jay Korner comes in with a cool cat delivery that gives way to a long song that is for grown folks. Every day we hear new artists popping up with lyrical content that could fill a book of fairy tales. Not Jay Korner. He presents a love song that is mature, straightforward and doesn’t play games. That, alongside the old school spirit of the funktacular foundation, makes this a standout. 

The funk is no surprise as Jay Korner has spent his life inspired by the early ‘70s when that genre was larger than life. Early in his career, he played drums in a number of bands before making the leap into a solo career. Today, he is determined to pay homage to the artists like Sly & The Family Stone and all the others that came before him, and the genre by doing it just as well with a bit of rock and soul tossed into the mix. 

Those interested in hopping on this funky ride can check out “Will You Save Me” by Jay Korner now as it’s available on all major streaming and music sites. 

Written by Kendra Beltran





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