“I Got You” by Rena

Is it possible to feel the symptoms of love – sweat, butterflies, heart swell – through a song? It sure is with singer-songwriter Rena’s single, “I Got You.” Every aspect of the piece – the beat, vocals, bass – heightens the song’s emotions. Rena takes you on this breathtaking journey of love from beginning to end, and you don’t want it to end.

The first attention grabber is the harmonies at the beginning of the song, which are unexpected, but there are no complaints. The singer-songwriter introduces her incredible singing voice to listeners at the start with bold and colorful harmonies. And when you think it can’t get any better, Rena proves that idea wrong throughout the song when she flexes her vocal abilities with her runs and high notes. There’s no doubt that this singer is a professional. Of course, she’s been singing at an early age and is still continuing that path. She was even performing while in the army!

Rena fell madly in love with this song because of the strong beat, and she’s not alone. As soon as the beat drops, it automatically has its hold on your emotions – you start to vibe with the song and allow yourself to explore the feelings in the track.

In addition to the instrumentation and vocals, the lyrics are soul-piercing. With lyrics like, “there’s nothing I won’t do to prove my word is bond, if the bail is you then I’ll gladly pay that cost” and “we don’t need the right now when we are forever,” this song is the epitome of what real love is, and you can’t help but crave it.

Overall, “I Got You” proves that Rena is a rising pop star and one we are watching out for.

Written by Taylor Berry




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