Artist Interview: “Vivid” by Benarr C

Q:  In the first song off the EP, you talk about struggles and learning lessons. What’s one experience that led you to write “More Tears”?

BENARR C: Well, the whole album in general would talk about my thoughts and experience, like in “Rest In Peace B” I would basically tell people to not cry in my funeral or don’t come at all, I wasn’t the man they thought they knew, why? Cause my mental health, I overthink, I have anxiety, all those thoughts would make me feel like a bad person at the end, even if I have a point, like in “ILFRARD” I said my parents was unhappy with the decision I chose, which was to do music instead of going the traditional route, it’s like my thoughts go against me, so all of that, would bring more tears, more fears, and anxiety towards me, cause even when I feel like I’m doing the right thing, I’m not 100% sure. That’s why it was called VIVID, so all those dark and negative thoughts would come to light, so I’d be able to change my thinking and etc.

Q: Is there a reason for the order that the songs are placed in the EP?

BENARR C: From start to finish, “FAMILY TREE” would talk about about growth and goals between my family and my cousins, and how we would want to make change, “ILFRARD” would talk about my families past and what brought me here, for instance, my dads past, and “REST IN PEACE B” would just tell people I’m not worthy enough for this world and more. I wanted it to start with a little of how I feel towards life in general and end it with how my mind works, telling myself that I’m not worthy enough, and in the middle songs, would talk about growing my family and my families past and what brought me here.

Q: “Family Tree” is a really beautiful and powerful song, what was the process in making it?

BENARR C: In “Family Tree,” I was basically talking about me and my cousin. We both do different things, but we still have the same goal, which is to change our family. We both came from the ground up, doing different things. I made music, he played sports, and we, one day wish that our goals would come true, as long as we continue being motivated, dedicated, and continuing to strive step by step.

Q: If you could collaborate with anyone, who would you choose and why?

BENARR C: Someone I would collaborate with, would be Kanye West, I’m the type of person that like those choir, sample sounds, and these luscious sounds. I was raised in the church, so it’s only right. Kanye would be a perfect collab.

Q: What was the process in creating such a personal EP, and how does it feel now that it’s out in the world?

BENARR C: I wanted to give out something real, something that would make people understand me more, and what I was going through, I want people who went through the same, to understand that their not alone. I had multiple friends telling me not to release it, cause it was personal, definitely on “ILFRARD,” I talked about my dad and etc. Me knowing that it’s out, it makes me wanna open up more and continue to be real, and if that means being personal, so be it

Q: What can we expect to see next from you?

BENARR C: This year, I’ll be releasing “IS IT WORTH IT,” an album with 10 tracks. IS IT WORTH IT is basically asking me, you, or anybody, is what you’re about to do or your goals, worth it? In my situation, I have relationship problems, I ask myself, is it worth having multiple women or is it worth having one that supports you till the day you die, obviously you’d choose the one who supports you till the day you die, but it’s complicated, on the album, you’d understand why, cause I would go deeper into why I have relationship issues, like fatherless homes, my father never taught me how to treat or love a lady. I would also ask myself is doing music worth it, there’s pro’s & cons to everything.

Interviewed by Shoshana Silow





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