“where do i go?” by Zarya and Chapters

Pop singer Zaryah and electric-pop duo Chapters paint loneliness in a brand new light on their song ‘where do I go?’. The upbeat instrumental pairs with the delicate lyrics incredibly. This unique view on a usually somber topic helps show the other side of loneliness – hope and moving on. While it is easy to ruminate on things going wrong, optimism helps everything get better sooner.

Sounding like a song off the stage of a music festival, everything has a large presence. Bouncy synths help push everything along as Zarya dives into this sensitive topic. Despite lyrics talking about not knowing what to do in life, the upbeat energy is tangible. She sounds phenomenal over the cool instrumental and really has a chance to showcase her presence.

Without skipping a beat, the song transitions to the dance break, and the vocals take a back seat. Matching the energy of what was happening before seemed effortless. It didn’t seem jarring or out of place whatsoever. Furthermore, the addition of backing vocals through this section was refreshing. They helped deepen the texture nicely.

Working as a single unit, “where do I go?” manages to showcase both Chapters and Zaryah without anyone stealing the spotlight. As a result, their sounds complimented each other phenomenally. From the tasteful drums to the fragile yet powerful vocals everything melds together creating this wonderful track. It isn’t always easy to fake a smile when everything feels gloomy. This song, however, manages to find positivity hidden in a bleak situation.

“where do I go?” can be found on all major streaming platforms

Written by Tyler Roberts





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