Although love is regarded as a good thing, many different emotions come along with it that challenge its sanctity. With love comes lust, jealousy, and fear. Like yin and yang, you can’t have one without the others. It’s these challenges that make love seem all the more alluring, however. On HCK9’s (aka Half Cut K9) new single “PRETTY THING” these fears are addressed without removing the underlying theme of caring for your loved ones.

Meant to be the personification of the story Jekyll & Hyde, where a Dr.Jekyll finds a medical breakthrough through experimentation on himself accidentally releasing his own demons in the process causing his transition to Hyde – his evil self. The transitions in “PRETTY THING” from intimate fragile vocal lines to heavy rock aid this storytelling. Similarly, the song almost awakens itself out of the EQ’d opening section.

The delivery of lyrics by frontman James Brown drives the message home. Lines like “Take a look beyond the mask, it’s going to be your last” match the energy and cut like a knife through the thick texture. Nestled beside the heavy electric guitars the result is haunting. Chilling synthesizers provide chordal support as well as movement that compliments the melody. Additionally, the distance between them and the timbre of the vocals causes an almost fragility in the texture. 

Throughout the chorus, the driving rhythm section compliments the vocals incredibly. With everything going on, the power is tangible. Whenever the song dips in energy they back out without leaving it sounding hollow. HCK9 sounds cohesive and mature throughout the entire track. A phenomenal listen.

Written by Tyler Roberts





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