“Dusk/Dawn” by Kristoffer Eikrem and Beautiful Disco

Musical duo Kristoffer Eikrem and Beautiful Disco met on the internet. Although they have never met in person, they started collaborating…and kept collaborating…and then the next thing they knew they had enough material for an album which they titled “Dawn/Dusk”. Despite never meeting in person, the duo sounds tight and cohesive on their joint album.

Dawn/Dusk managed to encapsulate many different moods. At points lead by rap, at others sounding more like a jazz combo. Keeping songs short allowed the album to keep that beat tape kind of feel. Consequently, there was no fluff. Every song felt like it belonged and had a unique message that it said. No more, no less. 

Thick chords supported eager melody lines. Involved production was interlaced among traditional piano. At points, songs felt lofi, at others they were busy and robust. Never sticking with one idea terribly long. Because of this, their sounds were incredibly diverse. Instruments were used as needed and then faded out to make room for the next beat.

Throughout the album, the duo never lost the underlying funky drive. The beats may have been incredibly different but between the production and harmonies, they retain their unique atmosphere. Melding jazzy lines and the modern drum kits gave everything a nostalgic yet new feeling. Warm melodies, sometimes rap sometimes trumpets, contrasted the lofi aesthetic beautifully. They kept songs pushing forward without sacrificing the minimalism of it all. 

Part of what helped the group retain their sheen was the mixing of the drums. Having them level with, and even above the leading lines for much of what going kept songs feeling light. They bounced along keeping the energy up while the rest of the voices meandered through different melodies.

Whenever the trumpet entered it added to and enhanced whatever was going on around it. Since it wasn’t used on every track, when it was used its voice was deliberate. Never leaving the pocket to get wordy or take over the track. I found its presence delightful.

Another stand out part was the features. Each of their voices fit right into the texture. From the RnB vocals from Zee on “Morning Coffee” to the 90’s hip hop vibes delivered by NUCK, and Born Kim on “Waves”. Nobody sounded out of place or had a verse that wasn’t memorable. Furthermore, the features broke up the EP nicely, providing new and interesting energies and timbres.

It was the bluesy chords that hooked my attention the first listen-through, but the more I paid attention, the more I heard. Ethereal synths provide support from the stratosphere at times. At others, the trumpet is playing long chordal tones. These intricacies show how much thought and effort was put into perfecting these songs. All of them felt both well written and well performed. 

Written by Tyler Roberts





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