“Daydreams” by Quincy Valentine ft. Shamyra

There’s no problem with daydreaming, everyone has done it. Whether you are considering what you’re going to eat for dinner, wondering if you locked your door or thinking about your crush. Ah yes your crush. There has always been a moment when you have zoned out thinking about that special someone, hearing a song that captures your emotions accurately always warms the heart. Being the multi talented man that Quincy Valentine is he has perfectly captured the feelings behind daydreaming. The feeling of when you are thinking about them and all of a sudden they call, the connection that comes through daydreaming.

A nostalgic and soulful track wouldn’t be great unless amazing female vocals are involved, Shamyras’ backup vocals and songwriting boosts the R&B vibes. Intricate yet simple lyrics such as “Got me up in the clouds, yeah I’m feeling light. Just know I’m looking forward to seeing you tonight” is what really keeps the audience drawn in.

This Bronx, New York artist is not new to the industry. With Quincy’s vast range of versatility, he pursued his passion for music at the age of 9. Starting off with talent shows and school performances, his natural born talent and years of perfecting his craft is what led him to self producing classic R&B hits.

“Daydreams” was his last single in 2020 and his first music video of 2021. The visual narrative that the video provides draws you in but the poetic flow is what makes you stay. Living up to his last name, Quincy released his first EP “Valentine’s Day” this year on February 14, “Daydreams” being his lead single. The self produced song is streaming on Spotify and Soundcloud and you can enjoy the video on Vevo and Youtube. “Daydreams” is the love song we all need.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Musician. Engineer. Producer. Songwriter. Artist.
Quincy Valentine




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