“Sweet EP” by Ten Hands High

Finding your individual voice is one of the hardest parts of making music. There are no guidelines, nothing necessarily right, but some things are certainly wrong. Figuring out the fine line between innovation and blasphemy in some genres is tough. Occasionally, however, a new group skirts this fine line and creates something unlike anything else. Ten Hands High manages to sound mature and well-spoken while remaining distinctive on their debut EP, “Sweet”.

 Although their discography is small their songs have a distinguished, recognizable sound. The grooving of the guitars paired with the tight drum kit pushes the namesake song “Sweet” along. Unique melodies help keep the vocals interesting. Similarly, the way the song switches between the deep-pitched moving lines in the opening verse and long anthem-like vocals in the chorus was great. It unified the song and made it incredibly memorable. 

Throughout the four songs, Ten Hands High shows off their versatility. Between the jazzy bedroom pop type of feel on “Style” and upbeat rock groove on “Nevermind” their sound is immediately recognizable. Playful lyrics keep everything feeling light and familiar throughout the entirety. Above all, their comfort playing together was evident and allowed the songs to really stand out. Despite this being the debut EP, the band sounds mature and their sound well defined.

Their exploration through different types of grooves helped keep everything feeling fresh. What truly made it stand out, however, was their lack of fear when it came to trying untraditional things. Melodic lines took interesting turns – and often found themselves in a range many find uncomfortable. The delivery remained innovative throughout.

Guitars played a multi-dimensional role switching between providing rhythmic support and harmonies. Whenever a song felt comfortable the band was already working out how to transition to the next groove. Because of this, the transitions felt seamless. Each new movement was supported throughout the entirety of the group – not just a single voice or two. Ten Hands High moved as cohesively as a band that had been playing gigs together for years. This EP was a delight to listen to. 

“Sweet EP” can be found on all major streaming services.

Written by Tyler Roberts





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