Artist Interview: “Batshit Crazy” by saferinthecity

Q: The left-of-center synth pop sound you’ve curated on this song embodies such a welcoming energy. What did you enjoy most about making this track?

saferinthecity: Thank you so much! This song was so rewarding to make as I had the title ‘Batshit Crazy’ written in my notes for about 5 months before I ended up writing the song itself, so when I finally got the chorus down that was a really enjoyable moment. I also really loved composing and scoring the sax solo with my live bandmate, who really took the solo to the next level, ensuring it shone through and added that slight twist to the core pop sound of the track!

Q: You’ve described your music as a form of “queer positive expression”. How was that an influence when writing “Batshit Crazy”?


For me, I think “queer positive expression” is really the idea of self liberation and acceptance – in regards to sexuality and identity, in particular. “Batshit Crazy” is a song I wrote as a letter to myself to celebrate my own artistic expression, and the constant evolving and changing we do as people – “maybe you’re not who I used to know? / who are you with the lights down low?”. 

Throughout the song I’m singing to myself – at the start I say, “in the taxi / in the backseat / would it f**k you up just to love me?”… the song starts reflecting on a time where I didn’t accept myself and I longed to appreciate those more flamboyant, artistic parts of myself. By the time the song concludes I realise I’m the “only one who can save me” so I have to try my best to love myself and all my “batshit crazy”… it’s sounds a little pretentious but that’s the general path the song follows!

Q: In your own words, how would you describe the music that you typically create?

saferinthecity: Good question! I think my music is very dynamic – I like to contrast softer sounds (like synths pads and layered vocals) with more poppy upbeat and electronic moments. I try to make sure my lyrics are quite story telling and detailed so I guess it’s kinda ‘bite sized electro-pop theatre’ in a way haha!

Q: What was your favorite part about making the music video for “Batshit Crazy”?

The video was so fun to make! I filmed it back in December 2020 so it was absolutely freezing but we had to film it all outside because of COVID restrictions etc! I really loved filming the scenes with the dance sequences because it was so nice to have all my friends there dancing with me for those scenes! Most of my friends are trained dancers so it was a challenge to keep up with them (which was entertaining) but they helped me develop the choreography and performance so much, which was great! 

Q: Who would you most like to collaborate with, if it could be anyone in the world?

saferinthecityOh my god… so many!!! I admire artists with a sense of artistic vision and those who also understand the visual side of music, too. I absolutely adore Nina Nesbitt – I think she is an incredible writer and producer – she’s in control of every part of her career as an independent pop artist and I think that would be a really inspiring energy to work off of. Her voice is just mesmerising too. I also think Nicki Minaj would be absolutely insane to work with – she’s an incredible rapper but I don’t think she gets enough credit for how well she can sing too! Her singing voice is full of expression and vulnerability and I think that – matched with her lyrical intellect – would make her so cool to work with!

Q: Are there any projects currently in the works?

saferinthecity: So, I’ve just put out the follow up to “Batshit Crazy”, which is called “Heavy Metal Goodbye” and is out now everywhere too! Those two songs compliment each other in a way as “Batshit Crazy” has a more commercial sound whereas “Heavy Metal Goodbye” is a little more experimental (and much sadder haha). These two singles are from my debut EP, “For the Love of Pop”, which drops in August – so stay tuned for more!

Interviewed by Brittany D’Amore





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