“Coping Mechanisms” by Cam Coda

Everybody has a guilty pleasure. Something they like to do when they’ve had a tough day and just want to unwind from all the bullshit. It’s just about making it through the week sometimes, right? It’s easy to fall into that routine, but oftentimes breaking it is better for the long run. Empowering you to do it is the goal Cam Coda sets on her anthemic single, “Coping Mechanisms”

Between the thick atmosphere and the absolute powerhouse vocals, this song was incredible. The resoluteness in the lyrics helped solidify the message behind them. It’s time to rise above all that’s holding you back. Cam Coda sounded phenomenal on this follow-up track to her debut EP “Reify”. She continues to command attention and sound lovely over the electronic beats.

One of my favorite parts was how the chorus feels almost like halftime at points. The busy vocal riffs counter it phenomenally and allow the groove to really settle in. Having the almost glitchy synths pounding away behind it gives Cam Coda a huge presence on the song. Whenever the recurring piano theme would return the song gained almost Rhianna-like energies – which is not a comparison I use lightly.

The beat drop was another thing that kept me coming back to “Coping Mechanisms”. Although the instrumental gains a ton of energy it doesn’t overshadow the leading vocals. Along the same line, the vocals gain energy alongside the beat, swelling in unison. This wasn’t an easy task with how much energy Cam Coda started the song with, but it never felt like it was running low on gas. A great follow-up to her debut EP.

Both “Coping Mechanisms” and her debut EP “Reify” can be found on all major streaming platforms.

Written by Tyler Roberts





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