“Energy” by Young God Blow (YGB)

Young God Blow has been blowing up in the rap scene and making himself known in the hyperpop world. The Brooklyn, NY rapper teamed up with producer duo, R.L Beats & Midden, who did an amazing job at combining the hyperpop and rap sound.

“Lately I feel like I’ve been falling in love with the Hyperpop scene as a whole & when R.L Beats sent me a beat pack of straight rage beats I knew what I had to do. Whenever I make music I love to add my own energy and style into what I choose to create so both the title of the song & the atmosphere it brings was a no brainer. I honestly believe no one can match my energy.” -YGB

When “Energy” first starts playing, you can’t help but to bob your head and sway from side to side as the beat builds, but when the beats drops and the bars come in you will be moshing it with the first person you see. YGB brings the heat and the passion, “Energy” is a ravers dream, the fire lyrics plus the unmatched beat equals the nostalgic feel of your first festival. The feeling of just pulling up to the festival and you hear everyone going crazy and the crowd is vibing while also moshing, “Energy” captures that feeling.

Only seven months into the year, East Coast artist YGB has no intentions of slowing down, he’s already on his fourth release with “Energy.” With up to 80,000 listens and a growing fan base of over 8,000 listeners on Spotify, it’s no wonder how he keeps his energy.

Written by Jaye Maverick





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