“Heart Attack” by Sam Sherrod

Upon listening to Nashville-based artist Sam Sherrod’s latest EP, “Heart Attack,” how distinct each song is from one another is satisfying – the journey Sherrod takes the listener on is unique, unexpected, and exciting. The blend of Hip Hop, synth-pop, indie rock, and R&B definitely gives the record the texture and color it has.

The bold start with Sherrod’s auto-tuned voice in the first track, “Alright,” demands and successfully grasps the listener’s attention. This track is loaded with energy from the lively beat and synth to the chilling auto-tuned vocal harmonies. “Don’t Walk Away” is the second track, and you can’t help but get The Weekend vibes, especially when he sings, “Please don’t walk away from me.” If you didn’t catch this vibe in the first track, you’d get it in this one. The haunting backing vocals and groovy guitar make this piece easy to vibe with.

Sherrod slows things down a bit with “Lost,” which warms the heart. Sherrod allows his vocal talents to step into the spotlight, and the vocals in the song are so smooth, like butter sliding down hot toast. You can’t get enough of Sherrod’s voice.

Like mentioned before, the EP songs are all distinct from each other. Sherrod switches things up and takes us back to the roots of Hip Hop with “Jay’s Interlude.” The song proves that Sherrod is a musical prodigy.

“Still Want U” is a sexy and dreamy song with a fantastic R&B rhythm. Sherrod gets his Usher on during the part of the song where he sings, “I know that you can feel me from a mile away, I know that you can hear me from a mile away” – mind-blowing.

Everything about “Smooth Operatin” is smooth, from the instrumentation to the vocals. It’s a great song to vibe while hanging with friends or a significant other because of the intimacy embedded. The EP closes with “Fallin,” which has an excellent tight beat but nothing too complex. Sherrod’s vocal style is phenomenal; you can’t get enough of it.

“Heart Attack” is a magnificent EP. While it’s surprising that such perfection came from an emerging artist, we know that this is only the beginning for the Nashville star, and we can’t wait to hear more.

Written by Taylor Berry

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