Artist Interview: “Anxiety” by Abby London

Q: The unique electronic sounds of “Anxiety” really keeps the listener anticipating what’s coming with each verse. How did the production of this song come about?

London: I’ve been working on different versions of this song for many years.  The iteration before it became what it is now was piano, beatbox, clarinet, bass, drums, and percussion.  It swung too much and was stressing me out to listen to.  I ended up getting rid of pretty much everything and putting electronic drums to it. Then I worked with my producer to layer on different keyboard parts based on sounds I liked or little melodies and noises in my head.  We then added some beatbox back in, some clarinet with an effect on it, and some piano.  We were also working on a song called Bushes during that time which I’ll be releasing this year.  Those were the two songs I found my sound with.

Q: Intentionally or not I think we all have contributed to fast fashion. How do you think we all can decrease the negative effects?

London: I think we need to start with having rules for our shopping habits that.  One of my new year’s resolutions is to only buy five items made in China a month.  It has helped me not buy as much stuff.  I usually don’t get to the five item limit even.  I feel a bit better knowing there is less of a chance that I’m contributing to concentration camps in China.  I think the less stuff we buy from them, the less power their government will have to abuse people.  It will also lessen the manufacturing and the shipping and landfill pollution.

Q: What are some tips and tricks you can share that you’ve found to be helpful for managing your own anxieties?

London: Stop smoking weed.  I smoked almost every day for nearly half my life.  I would pretend it was helping me but it mostly gave me panic attacks.  Therapy helps.  I did a lot of EMDR to work through trauma.  Getting to the crux of why you’re feeling anxious is important.  I had an anxious moment today which hadn’t happened in forever.  I realized I was afraid I made the wrong choice.  I talked to a friend and realized I made the best choice I could have with the information I had.

Q: What was your favorite part about shooting the music video for “Anxiety”?

London: This is an easy one!  Shopping in the grocery store with that heavy trash dress.  It was during the lockdown and I made an event out of it.  A few of my friends were there, one of whom owned the store.  The customers and employees got a huge kick out of it and so did I.

Q: What led you to writing more introspective music?

London: My music has always been introspective, I just didn’t know what to call it.  I toyed with different descriptions for a while, and asked for input and advice before deciding on introspective as my descriptor.  It even took me a long time to realize I was making pop music.  I thought my songs were too deep to be considered pop.  For me, my songs need to be about something important and have a message.  I think there is a place for songs about nothing, I just don’t feel moved to make those kinds of songs.

Q: Any parting words of wisdom you would like to share?

London: We have the power to make better choices for ourselves, other people, and the planet through what we buy.  We don’t need to wait around for government regulations.

Interviewed by Brittany D’Amore





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