“Girl Not Now” by From Scratch

I am a fan of songs that have an incredible musical vibe and a strong statement behind it. When I listened to “Girl Not Now” by From Scratch, the music blew my mind because not only does the music have an 80’s sound, but it also has a lot of emotions behind it due to what the song is about.

While listening to the rock song, it is pretty clear that the tune is about saying goodbye to a woman who hasn’t done anything good to help the relationship. I did enjoy hearing  how strong the emotions are in this piece because those emotions did show me how serious he wanted to get rid of her and how he wants to have a better life without her.

The vocal performance is strong and powerful because the band is singing in deep passion about wanting to break up with a girl. I absolutely loved the bold vocal arrangements on this composition because the vocal style keeps the song together with amazing high pitch sound.

Another great part about the song is how well the band performs together. The sound of the keyboards, guitars, drum and vocals gives a sense of how serious From Scratch are with their music and the noise from of all the instruments gives the song a strong vibe of what the band is feeling while they are performing.

Although From Scratch does take things seriously in “Girl Not Now,” humor can be felt while I was listening and I think the band did a fine job with this piece because they proved how musicians can have fun while creating music.

Written by Caitlin Stoddard

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