“True Crime Country” by Orson’s Well

I am open minded when listening to music because I can learn a lot about what the song is about through the powerful vocals and instrumentation. With the song  “True Crime Country” by Orson’s Well, I can feel what the band is talking about through the honest lyrics. The instrumentation is well done by how each band member clash their talents together to create a meaningful alternative rock and country song.

“True Crime Country” is about how America is obsessed with violence that is constantly happening on our streets and in the entertainment industry. It is nice to know that there is a band who is willing to speak their mind about how they feel with what is going on in our society and on this song, the band isn’t afraid to discuss about the violence happening in our nation. Kudos to Orson’s Well for being bold enough to share their thoughts and feelings about a controversial topic.

What is impressive about “True Crime Country” is the instrumentation because the sounds of the instruments matches the theme of the composition. As a fan of country music, the guitar playing brings a westernly vibe to this piece and the drum playing compliments the musical vibe with top notch rock beats. Also the guitar solo in the middle of the song is stunning because each note brings a strong blend of rock and country. 

Music has a way to show people how you truly feel and Orson’s Well’s song “True Crime Country” gives an insight of the views the band has toward the violence in our country and I think this song is filled with a great meaning that shows how Orson’s Well does cares about with what is going on in our worlds.

Written by Caitlin Stoddard

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