“Little Lies” and “Thinking Slow” by Sam and the Sea

The New York-based singer, songwriter, and visual artist, Sam and the Sea, has released two singles birthed from a trip that ended with car trouble and a lonely cabin.  Deep in the woods in rural Canada and with nowhere to go, Sam and Sea was hit with inspiration that created his newest singles titled “Little Lies” and “Thinking Slow.” 

“Little Lies” is a tranquil indie boogie get down. The lyrics are somber but have a playful dance medley directly in the heart of the song. “Thinking Slow” is an abstract art piece that contains the haunting darkness of a northern forest. There is even a bit of pain in the vocals – if listened to carefully. Both songs are a whirlwind of dark and light. There are aspects of solitude reflecting the surrounding nature, accented with sparks of color and shapes. These two singles embody kaleidoscope melodies and bare guitar riffs that immediately draw in the listener.  

Sam and the Sea present a mystical interaction of lovers. The foundation of “Little Lies” and “Thinking Slow” is miscommunication, a lovers-spat, or a relationship on the rocks. In addition, the songs exude a colorful warping of love. A bittersweet aftertaste thrives in between lyrics – leaving a sense of feeling forsakenness and abandonment.  

The soft cradling vocals from this rising artist were finished in the same night, making the songs inextricably tied to each other. They provide a euphoric release of any darkness happening in life. Listen to “Little Lies” and “Thinking Slow” to dance out the loneliness, frustrations, and old lovers the reside from the past.

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Reviewed by Abeni Moreno





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