“Longest Day Of The Year” by Paul Cafcae

In many ways, 2020 felt like one endless day of despair, but in reality, our world has always had its moments of being a hot mess. Paul Cafcae reflects on that and then some with his latest, “Longest Day Of The Year.” 

Paul Cafcae takes a rock and roll meets folk approach with “Longest Day Of The Year.” The musical foundation would please anyone listening to a radio station that lives to deliver an array of country music and the blues, but lyrically – this is a song that will touch anyone who is tired of living in a world that clearly does not learn from its past mistakes. While the song brings awareness, it’s the visuals of the video that really send home the message of the despair of 2020 and beyond. Many like to romanticize the past without realizing that perhaps this world was never perfect, and the tragedies of mankind have made history in fact feel like the longest day in a drawn-out year.

“It is a protest blues inspired by observing personal freedom restrictions, systematic abuse of power, administrative incompetence, the spread of misinformation and the fuelling of various civil unrests of the past 14 months, as observed by a character who is watching the news in the lockdown and decides that they no longer can be on the sidelines,” said Cafcae. 

Art has been and will always continue to reflect the world at that time, so it has been interesting to listen and watch the music slowly emerging from this 21st-century nightmare. Like Paul Cafcae, many took to penning reactions to the chaos, and in doing so gave the world something to hold onto when times got rough. 

Those who love their country and blues with a rock and roll spirit can check out “The Longest Day Of The Year,” by Paul Cafcae, available now on all major music and streaming sites.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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