Artist Interview: “Falling In” by CHINTZY STETSON

Q: I absolutely love the dramatic and dreaminess feel to this song. What inspired you to write “Falling In”?

CHINTZY STETSON: I’m not really sure. My friend collaborator/producer, Tom played me the song and I had just been thinking about some friends of mine. And how sometimes people love what’s bad for them. And how it’s scientifically proven that when left dormant the human brain will self sabotage you into climbing into someone’s boot and being driven around a roundabout until you vomit. It’s about two people who love something that they become.

Q: This track is new music from Chintzy Stetson, but I know you’ve been on a music journey for a while now. What first drew you to music?

CHINTZY STETSON: I can’t remember to be honest. I despise people who claim they can. They are lying. Slipknot.

Q: What is the most unexpected challenge that you’ve faced as a musician?

CHINTZY STETSON: Paying my rent.


Q: How has growing up in Newcastle affected your music? Do you have any favorite venues to perform there?

CHINTZY STETSON: I don’t have a favourite, they’re all fantastic in their own way. There’s institutions. You learn their speakers. Meet the sound guy. That’s special. But no favourites. The clunny.


Q: What was your favorite moment in making the music video?

CHINTZY STETSON: Tom told me he’d organised to use our friend’s apartment for a music video. I then ran around London whilst frantically screaming into rental apps and trying not to piss my pants for an hour and it was only after I realized what we had done. Maybe swallowing a blood capsule without puncturing it and calling NHS 111 when I went to the toilet the next day.

Q: If you were stranded on a desert island and could only take one song or album to listen to, what would it be?

CHINTZY STETSON: U2 – Songs of Innocence


Q: We are finally turning a corner and the world is opening up again. How has Covid affected the way you create music? Did it inspire you to write more?

CHINTZY STETSON: I recorded a piano part in my friend’s apartment overlooking one of the first covid test centres in a job centre car park. It was overwhelming for the most unlikely reasons.


Q: What’s next for you?

CHINTZY STETSON: I’ve got a 5-track EP coming out in September with a few gigs and festivals booked which I’m excited for. And hopefully, pay my rent.

Interviewed by Melissa Cusano

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