Artist Interview: “My Oh My” by Ezrae

Q: Hey Ezrae! Thanks for coming on the blog, we have replay enjoyed “My Oh My” and the empowerment message behind it. Tell us a little bit more about you and why you chose this song as your first single!

EZRAE: I wanted to enter the music scene with something a little different. I wanted to establish my own sound and opinions with my debut straight away and not hold back. My Oh My was my most real song I had ready instead of all the soppy love songs I was so used to writing so for me it was the perfect choice to have My Oh My as my debut.

Q: It’s pretty incredible that you wrote the lyrics to “My Oh My” two hours before it was recorded. How do you usually write your songs and is this a normal process for your songs?
EZRAE: Well I always try and work in advance, I’m quite organized and I don’t like leaving things till the last minute in case something goes wrong but strangely enough all of my songs have been written quickly. I don’t like leaving things unfinished in case the inspiration goes so I tend to finish my songs in a few hours or less but for this one I had a completely different idea for the track about a boy and his car but as I was getting ready to go to record My Oh My a new hook came to me and I had to stop doing my hair to write the song in time. Ideas come at any random time and I always try and write them down in case they work out. I seem to work best under pressure even though it’s not ideal.

Eve Sheldon

Q: We love that you’re inspired by The 1975 and can definitely hear the influence in your single! What first got you into music?

EZRAE: My parents always had music on in the house so I was always singing along. I started ballet classes when I was 2 and they had a box of instruments there and instead of doing ballet I used to play with the instruments all day instead. I guess 2 year old me knew all along that I wanted to be a musician haha.

Q: How would you describe your music in your own words?

EZRAE: Truthful and energetic. I like saying how I feel and not holding back. I like having people relate to my songs too. The day I released My Oh My I had girls in my DM’s telling me how much they related to the lyrics.

Eve Sheldon

Q: We see that you got Jonny Amos to produce your track and love the sound he brought in. Have you worked with him before? Tell us about that experience working with him to create this single.

EZRAE: Jonny is such a genius and I love working with him. I met him when I was 12 and he recorded some songs for me then and then he introduced me to MAS records last year as-well which has been great. When I had the idea for the single I played Jonny a demo of a completely different song which ended up not working out properly so I scrapped it and he used the same chords from that first song to make the track for My Oh My. I then went and drafted some lyrics and changed my mind about them many many times and then on the day it was recorded I rewrote the entire lyrics just before Jonny Amos recorded it. It took 2 hours to record and Jonny even mixed and mastered it too! He’s so passionate about his work and he’s so inspiring to work with.



Q: Covid has taken its toll on music venues and live performances but are hoping to see that change soon. What is coming up next for you and are there any performances coming up?

EZRAE: I have no live events planned unfortunately but I’m recording more original songs in August to be released on an EP in the next few months so keep watching the space!!


Interviewed by Stephanie Pankewich







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