“Gecko” by Last Bloom (feat. Alec Owen, Jordan Lawlor, Lyocuh V, Mandy Kessler)

When hardship hits on a global scale, the world seems a little bleaker. Things may not look like they’re getting better – or ever are going to. Beauty is often overlooked, but sometimes watching a sunrise or stopping to think helps make things easier. “Gecko” by UK-based artist Last Bloom aims to remind people there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Released alongside a visual project, it delivers an experience completely unlike any other.

Eerie synths meld perfectly with the breakneck drum groove. Whenever a new voice would enter the texture it helped deepen and expand the song. Not only were they interesting, but no one voice ever overshadowed another. Everything worked together to broaden this unique soundscape.

ParagraSome verses leaned into the hip hop aesthetic, while others paved their own lane. As “Gecko” went on, it seemed to evolve into something new and strayed away from the path laid out in the beginning. Drums faded out, the melodies switched to layered vocals, and felt like the sun breaking through the clouds after a long rain. These almost choral lines floated easily over the thinned-out texture.

Whenever the song seemed to settle into itself, the group was already switching up the feel. Occasionally changing out the instrumentation helps move the song along, but it’s the changes in mixing that show off the range of their sound. Every feature felt pivotal in helping deliver this stellar performance. They played with the maturity and cohesiveness of a group that played side by side for years.

“Gecko” can be found on all major streaming services.

Visual release

Written by Tyler Roberts





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