It may be her debut single, but Slovenian singer-songwriter Lucija’s new release, “Firefly,” demonstrates the wisdom and musical maturity of a veteran songwriter. Hers is a meditative and passionate ode that contemplates distance and hope, refuge and transcendence, sensing both the sadness and promise of a new place. Oh, and by the way, she is 12 years old.

An imaginative storyteller, Lucija tells of a girl on the brink of departure, embarking on a journey that will take her into the vast expanse of the sky. She not destined to stay on the ground forever, taking shelter from the storm. Instead, her eyes turn upwards towards the clouds, clear sky, stars, and fireflies. Spiritually, physically, metaphorically, or a combination of all three, she ascends. The rain is now far below her, the sky is her shelter, and the fireflies are her lights. 

Lucija’s voice feels as ephemeral as the song’s subject, imparting floating melodies and full of impactful wavering ornaments. The vocal harmonies, added to key words and the refrain, are warm and rich despite their melancholy quality. As we hear the sound of rain falling, the guitar rebuts with a rising arpeggio, accompanying her ascent.

As the girl travels upwards and “Firefly” nears its end, Lucija’s singing grows more distant in the audio mix, foregrounding the sounds of falling water and forming a sonic barrier that her voice slowly retreats behind. We hear the moment she ventures out of sight, leaving us here on earth, eyes and ears straining to capture one final glimpse. 

“Firefly” is available on all major streaming platforms.

Written by Jacob Jahiel





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