“Beam Me Up” by Luccii

Luccii’s track “Beam Me Up” is reminiscent of early 2000s hip-hop. With the upbeat instrumental, smooth flow, and a saxophone solo to top it all off, Luccii created the perfect song for summer. With influences such as Kanye West’s “College Dropout”, it’s no surprise that “Beam Me Up” has a captivating and energetic feeling.


“Beam Me Up” starts out with an extremely catchy beat, impossible to not nod one’s head to. His flow is so smooth and goes perfect along with the jazz-inspired instrumental. The first two minutes are Luccii not missing a beat, where he spills out all of his thoughts in a flawless and smooth manner.

Lucci’s lyrics range from a number of topics, some more light-hearted such as growing up and reminiscing about watching Daffy Duck, as well as deeper issues including relationships, growing up, and death. 

It’s easy to listen to the fun and uplifting beat, but looking deeper, Luccii discusses important subjects, even having a lyric stating, “Everyday we wake up and choose life or suicide”. He also discusses friends who he’s lost, and questions if they are watching over him and if they’re interfering with his life and those he loves. The juxaposition is beautiful; Luccii created a song that can be listened to at parties, in the car, but also has lyrics that people around the world can relate to.

Luccii’s beat and flow is so appealing, and he does a great job keeping the listeners engaged with his on point lyrics that makes one think about life and growing up. The last 45 seconds end in an electrifying saxophone solo, tying in everything perfectly. 

Luccii has had a great year for music so far. Keep a look out for him, as he will be releasing his new song “DOOMd” on August 6th. 

Written by Melissa Cusano

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