Artist Interview: “Used To Miss You” by Allegra

Q: We here at Rising Artists love the sound of your newest single “Used to Miss You”. It’s an exciting danceable single, what inspired the songwriting behind it?

ALLEGRA: I wrote it from a personal experience because I wanted to write about getting over a person who didn’t appreciate you enough. This single is about finding your confidence back, knowing that you are so much better.



Q: Scoring a collaboration with R3HAB is an impressive feat! You have quite the future ahead of you, how did that collaboration come?

ALLEGRA: Well I have an amazing team out in LA and they phoned me saying that R3HAB wanted to do the remix, which was just crazy. I was screaming on the phone when they told me. The fact that he believes in me as an artist is just something that I’ve been working on for years because I want people to take me seriously as an artist.


Q: We love your voice, it’s a fresh new sound that’s exciting to hear in the industry. What got you first into singing?

ALLEGRA: Well I’ve always been singing since I can remember. I was always doing shows for my family which were hours long! I just loved doing them. I also got a microphone set for my 9th birthday and would always be singing along to strong female artists like Beyoncé, Rihana and Alicia Keys. I just loved singing! I didn’t even care if I was good or not haha.



Q: You got to work during the COVID lockdowns, writing about toxic people and looking forward. Was that a therapeutic experience for you?

ALLEGRA: Yes I always love writing songs that I can relate to because I do find it therapeutic. It’s so weird listening back to them when I wrote those songs a year ago because I know how I felt when I wrote them. I was able to write a lot during lockdown and I’m just exited to release them.



Q: You racked up over 150,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, and are on endless playlists. How does it feel and what are your goals moving forward?

ALLEGRA: I honestly don’t think about it that much because I can’t even relate to those crazy numbers. The fact that people are listening to the songs that I wrote in my bedroom is just incredible. I just want to release a lot more and even do an EP soon.



Q: What can we expect from you next?

ALLEGRA: Well I’ve already recorded my next single and I can’t wait for people to hear it ! So get ready because I’m excited!


Interviewed by Stephanie Pankewich





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