“Supermarche” by Blaydek

‘Supermarche’ by Blaydek is an ode to thoughts inside the mind. Spinning, wondering and revolving ideas and fantasies is explored in this song. The song seeks out to make sense and find grounding in the abundance of everything. Blaydek was able to write a song that is grounded, while also having an adventurous and exciting feeling. 

The song has a fun and carefree vibe, it is easy to move to or have around in the background. The music creates the feeling of traveling to outer space. The energy in this song is pacing and electric. Whenever an artist creates a song with a concept that strays from the norm, it is exciting to see where it goes. In ‘Supermarche’, the listener gets a tour of the artist’s musings and inner thoughts. 

The singer sings and speaks throughout the song, overlapping his words to fit the theme of the songs take on abundance. ‘Supermarche’ has a unique sound and is a great song to listen to on any occasion.  

 ‘Supermarche’ has a timeless sound that fans of all genres will be able to connect to. It has a rock and eclectic vibe. The song paints a visual in the listener’s head of being whimsical, colorful and abundant. 

The concept of the song is a breath of fresh air. ‘Supermarche’ is a step away from other songs about love and heartbreak. This is a song about the in-between moments of life. It is a fun and open, accessible song. The song has creativity and expression bursting through every beat. 

Written by Shoshana Silow





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