“Venus” by Wendy Godfrey

Gentle, calm, fun, and amazing energy. These are all words that describe Wendy Godfrey’s new single, “Venus”. A perfect song to end off this summer. It has a fun and free flowing melody that doesn’t get old. This is the perfect song to dance to on the beach at night. “Venus” is a made for summer song that will flow into autumn. 

 “Venus” is a euphoric and transcendent song that is captivating and addicting to listen to. The sound is open, free and fun. Wendy’s vocals are strong and gorgeous. Her voice is unique and carries the song well. The harmonies and melodies give the song an extra amp and dimension that takes the song to another level. Listening to “Venus” takes the listener to a different place, it is both reminiscent and present at the same time. 

“Venus” has a smooth pop beat. As Wendy reminisces back on happier times in a relationship, it’s easier to understand the world she is painting for the audience. The song is encapsulating and makes the listener “be there” right with her.

“Venus” is the type of song that would fit in any situation. Blast it in the car, dance to it, have it on in the background, etc. The song is easy to listen to and stays exciting and fun. 

With summer coming to an end, a song like Venus has the perfect vibe to bring back the best memories and times. The soothing and dance-worthy melody that “Venus” has, radiant vocals that Wendy Godfrey brings, and lyrics that tell a captivating story, this is a song to listen to over and over again.

Written by Shoshana Silow





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