“Starscream ” by Jozie_Ramone

With the world finally reopening, Jozie_Ramone’s electrifying new track “Starscream ” arrives at the perfect time. The song begins out strong, with a catchy and intense beat, along with Jozie_Ramone’s hard-hitting vocals where he spills out his frustrations. The song is a perfect track for clubs and parties, just in time for summer.

The artist, rapper, and producer has been creating compelling tracks for a few years now, debuting in 2018 with his album “Jozie Tape 2” following with “Lord Jozie” in 2019. He has also made and produced 15 singles within the last 3 years.

“Starscream” has a repeating high-pitched instrumental with a bass drop that makes it impossible to not dance to. “Starscream” feels like a track made to mosh to, with a beat reminiscent of trap and hip-hop groups such as $uicideboy$. Along with the catchy and captivating beat, it is Jozie_Ramone’s impeccable and smooth flow that deserves recognition. 

Jozie_Ramone’s storytelling shines through in this track, where he discusses his issues with the industry as well as where he’s going in life. Constantly being rejected by curators and music blogs, “Starscream” is Ramone’s way of channeling all of his aggravation. With lyrics such as “I’m not leaving till I turn every stone, sit on every throne” and “Even if they hate you, they will still want your riches” show that even though Ramone is frustrated, he won’t give up on his dream. 

The song ends with the same compelling beat, with Ramone saying “Watch me turn misfortune into some billions”. “Starscream” is the perfect summer song that is meant to be played at the loudest possible volume while at a party with your friends. 

Keep a lookout for Jozie_Ramone, because he is destined for greatness.

Written by Melissa Cusano

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