“2000 Miles” by Christian Powers

The upcoming artist, Christian Powers, presents an irresistible lover’s R&B hit, titled “2000 Miles.”  The new single is dedicated to reminiscing fondly of a past love. Made in just six hours, the track draws inspiration from true-life experiences. Christian Powers describes memories of a “one of a kind” person that is unique in beauty and character – never quite escaping his thoughts. The new artist, hailing from Fernandina Beach, gives exclusive insight into the song.  

“A woman from my past inspired this song. Someone I still care a lot about. It’s about someone who moved away when I was young and infatuated. But, she is supportive of me and what I do even from afar.”

Finding a true connection is rare. And, if lost, it can linger in the mind, especially when there is a tugging notion that life could have taken a different route. This single explores the notion of the right person at the wrong time. The lyrics paint a picture of longing for a love that has been distanced 2000 miles through circumstance. There are not any bitterness or regret, only fond memories. The narrative eludes that sometimes the person we are doesn’t support the relationship at hand. 

“2000 miles” maintain low beats and a cradling melody with a romantic tempo. Christian Powers’ deep soothing voice accents this new R&B classic. The self-produced track is a warning and love letter all in one. Do not let go of the right person if you have found them. So, cuddle up next to your significant other and vibe to this new anthem of lovers and friends.

Reviewed by Abeni Moreno





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