“Tomato Potato” by Kid Souf

Ethereal 80s vibes greet you right off the bat on Kid Souf’s new release ‘Tomato Potato’. From the synths to the drums there’s an air of nostalgia that tints the entirety (which is weird because I was born in ‘96 and am not nostalgic towards the ’80s). The lead vocals rest on top of everything going on, never once losing their spotlight. The whole song is incredibly enjoyable and easy to listen to.

Kid Souf’s vocals move cleanly throughout his whole range. The switch into falsetto through the pre-chorus was chilling. When paired with the electric guitar it really locks in and showcases both voices. The verses match the casual spoken intimacy of modern rap, but never quite turn into spoken word. Additionally, they build up the energy into the chorus and settle into the groove seamlessly.

Both the funky bass lines and the lighter guitar riffs are easily heard without distracting from the melody. In fact, the way the instruments are mixed next to, instead of behind the vocals, makes the whole song feel bigger and more cohesive. Nothing ever gets lost, but some of the lighter parts may not be heard the first time through. Every revisit I seemed to find a new riff or harmony that I somehow had missed before.

The lyrics are easygoing without sacrificing their integrity or personality. The whole song just feels fun and at the end of the day that was one of my favorite things. It’s impossible to sing along to the chorus without a smile on your face; despite the occasional melancholy lyric. “Tomato Potato was not only enjoyable but showcased Kid Souf’s style and personality well. 

“Tomato Potato” is available on all major streaming services.

Written by Tyler Roberts





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