“My Demise” by Jesse Grossi

Solo LA artist Jesse Grossi is back with newest single “My Demise”, Jesse has been on fire with releasing 6 singles in the last 6 months. It’s amazing to think that Jesse plays every instrument himself at his in home studio while the vocals were recorded in Ferias Studios. Jesse is able to release one song a month with the help of Andres Ferias mixing and mastering the track. The singer-songwriter has influences such as Sublime, 311, Johnny Thunders, Bob Marley, Green Day which translates into what he describes “My Demise” to be a mellow ska punk, rock reggae, indie song.

Mothers tend to keep it real, they typically tell you the honest truth about yourself and sometimes it may be a truth that you aren’t ready to hear. “I tried to abide, I couldn’t compromise You saw right through my disguise, uncovered all of my lies. So when you left me no I wasn’t surprised because mama always told me that would be my demise.” Sometimes you have to learn from your own mistakes, you can’t rely on everyone to constantly help you learn and make decisions for you. “My Demise” is the perfect song to help open up your eyes to what you may need to know. Ska is upbeat and positive and the message is typically one you should or need to know. It’s all about making sure to keep your happiness within, Jesse made sure to always have a smile on his face throughout the process and to always try to have a good time and write a great song, what comes out comes out. “My Demise” helps you learn a lesson while laughing and smiling through it. With a killer lyric video and a positive, nostalgic message, “My Demise” is sure to be Jesse’s top song.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Paul Marino





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