“Jimmy The Breeze” by Future Cavemen

Future Cavemen may be a new name to you now and soon they’ll be something familiar. Singer Joe Tennant’s vocals are similar to John Lennons and the beat feels very much like summer, “Jimmy The Breeze” is sure to capture your heart. The debut single from UK based group “Future Caveman” is a first glimpse of their EP that is due out later this year. The self produced song “Jimmy The Breeze” was made during lockdown from a massage therapy room and Future Cavemen also received the help of Kristofer Harris for the mixing and mastering.

“Jimmy The Breeze” got its name from a scene in the 1993 movie, Dennis and just like the name reference, there are lyrical references as well. Future Caveman does an excellent job at letting the audience “read between the lines”. An avid reader may have caught the S.E Hinton’s reference from 1975 novel Rumble Fish, “someone put the fish back in the river”. Lyrically intelligence is what will keep you coming back for more. The intro to “Jimmy The Breeze” is almost acoustic like, and shortly after the entire song kicks in and it makes you want to jump around. The name “Jimmy The Breeze” may have been influenced from a movie, and it seems like this song is the perfect soundtrack to a surf movie.

If you need a summer jam or just a song that will set the vibe, “Jimmy The Breeze” is the way to go, Future Cavemen keeps you enticed throughout the entirety of the song. Since this is the first single from Future Cavemen it is expected that more releases are to come and the anticipation is killer. Future Cavemen will surely keep your vibes up while you wait for the upcoming EP. Get in your car, grab some drinks and head out to the lake or beach while blasting “Jimmy The Breeze” to get the party started.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Sojan HGP





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