“I Am A Survivor” by Moana A, Lady Sway, and Koda Kids

According to the saying “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, difficulty causes strength. On the new song, “I Am A Survivor”, Moana A, Lady Sway, and Koda Kids are here to prove that saying correct. Confidence and power define every aspect. Between the heavy EDM instrumental and the strong vocals, it’s memorable and just kicks ass.

Heavy bass keeps the song moving while the chopped lyrics keep up the atmosphere. Whenever the song settles into the chorus everything locks in it’s catchy and the production really accents everything going on. The lead vocals remind me of some of the powerhouse names in the industry like Beyonce or Rhianna. They not only help the fun instrumental pop, but command attention while doing it.

Because the drum set maintains its groove almost the whole time, it allows other voices to push the song through the different energies. For example, the warbling bass morphs and changes into a more acidic sounding synth. Nothing ever falls into the trap of always changing and creating chaos. Instead, the evolving texture feels innovative. New voices blend into what’s going on almost unnoticed. By the time they’re noticeable, the song is already moving onto the next thing.

Once it reaches it’s high points, “I Am A Survivor” speaks for itself. Verses gave the empowering chorus context and a chance to add depth to the song. This collaboration between Moana A, Lady Sway, and Koda Kids shows off all their strengths. Every artist brings their unique style and doesn’t sacrifice an ounce of energy resulting in an unforgettable anthem.

“I Am A Survivor” can be found on all major streaming services.

Written by Tyler Roberts




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