“See You Again(Ivy States remix)” by Nick Catoire

Love is great, until it’s not. When it ends, you feel like you’ve lost a best friend and honestly a lot of the time you have. The whole let’s be friends retort is overdone and how often does it actually work out? New York-based artist Nick Catoire paints a much more realistic scenario on the remix of a release from a few months ago, “See You Again(Ivy States Remix)”. Once your heart is broken by someone, sometimes the only solution is to leave.

With much funkier vibes than the original, you’re greeted right off the bat electronic soaked vocals which leaves it feeling faintly like a Daft Punk song. Production are tasteful and accents the melody from the non remixed version. Heavier bass lines seem to dance alongside the upbeat drums. The energy is palpable. Everything locked together and supported the warm vocals phenomenally. They seemed to just groove on top, never straying away from that central melody, but also not feeling confined to it.

Drawing from a myriad of different influences ‘See You Again (Ivy States Remix)’ is simply put, awesome. At points Nick Catoire’s voice leans into the RnB sound, at others going with a more traditional pop approach. Through it all, his voice locks right into the texture. From the heavy bass lines to the light guitar patterns, everything helped keep the song feeling complex without getting in the way of the vocals. Despite the sad underlying message, the song never lost that funky groove. It was upbeat and exhilarating from the first second. It’s not often the remix of a song is as good as the original, but Nick Catoire and Ivy States have done a wonderful job on ‘See You Again’

‘See You Again (Ivy States Remix)’ can be found on all major streaming services.

Written by Tyler Roberts




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