“Friends” by Sylvia Aimee

Parties are a very common theme in pop culture, but how many parties are actually as great as they’re portrayed? Why are there always people staring at their phones in the corner of the room?  More often than not they end up being a bunch of strangers and a small group of people you know. When you don’t know anyone a party stops being relaxing and fun. In “Friends” by Sylvia Aimee, she touches on the loneliness of being at a party without your friends.

Cool guitar licks greet you straight away and set the tone for Sylvia’s rich lyricism. She sounds just as comfortable singing over the thick rock texture as she does when it thins out. Whenever the guitar breaks into a counter-melody it’d accent the lead melody without distracting from it The band feels perfectly content supporting the vocals without feeling the need to be the focal point. It allows every entrance to feel comfortable and gives the vocals complete control of where it’s headed.

Sylvia Aimee sounds powerful and confident through every entrance. Her lyrics touch on insecurities, but never come across as insecure themselves. In fact, despite the underlying message it feels exciting and upbeat. Her familiar sound is even reminiscent of Taylor Swift at points.

The lyrics “What’d I do so wrong to be here all alone today” perfectly capture the sadness and longing for companionship. “Friends” is fun and easy to listen to. There’s no surprise turns to throw off the energy, allowing the lyrics to drip with emotion.

“Friends” can be found on any major streaming service.

Written by Tyler Roberts




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