‘Puppy’ by Vassilis

Falling in love is such a wonderful feeling. It makes it feel like the person you’re with or want to be with is absolutely perfect. The thing is, that throws on jaded glasses in the way you look at this person. It’s easy to fall into puppy love. A love where you fail to question the intentions of the person you’re in love with. This is where problems arise. It can cause toxic relations where you’re truly starstruck, but your partner is just going through the motions. It’s so deceptive and heartbreaking, and it leaves you to wonder, “Well, what did I waste all this time for?” This is a feeling that’s captured by Vassilis’s track ‘Puppy.’

‘Puppy’ is musically a piece that captures its own energy but throws in a bit of a nostalgic energy. There’s almost a happy dreamy tone in the instrumentation, but that’s perfectly contrasted with its somber vocals and darker lyricism. The vocal tone brings in a bit of nostalgia from the more ballad-like rock pieces in the early 2000s, and the guitar brings in just a bit of a west-coast feel at times. The drums are dynamic and switch up, though they bring a simplicity to the song as they carry it along. It’s quick enough to keep you interested but slow enough to keep a steady pace throughout the track. ‘Puppy’ is a beautifully done track that explores heartbreak through both its musicality and lyricism.

‘Puppy’ by Vassilis is truly a heartbreaking break-up song. One about a relationship where one of the people is starstruck, and the other is just going through the motions, not actually in love. It’s a feeling that’s all too familiar to many. The feeling of being in love with someone, just to find out they were lying about their love the whole time. It makes you feel like a puppy almost. Having that unconditional love and protectiveness without questioning the true intentions of the person you’re in love with. This track captures this feeling so poetically. “I tried my best to make you happy / I guess I was your favourite puppy / The one to keep you safe from harm / When all your demons made you lose your charm” the opening rings out. The track moves on to explain that the speaker of the song had just been played the whole time all while using deeply poetic comparisons.

Vassilis is a Manchester-based artist who has focused most of his time performing live. When the lockdown closed all concerts and venues he finally had a chance to break into the world of recording. He pulls from a range of influences such as indie folk, pop, and alternative rock. He blends these genres into a style that pulls in influences from music both old and new. During the lockdown he released four singles, and he’s just released his debut EP ‘Return to Innocence.’ ‘Puppy’ is one of the songs featured on this EP.

Written by Sage Plapp

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