“Keep” by The Daily Spreadsheets

Brazilian musician, Henrique Neves better known as The Daily Spreadsheets is a huge fan of early 90s tv show ‘The Wonder Years’. “Keep” may be a new single to us but it is familiar to Henrique, the song remained untouched until earlier this year when after the release of The ‘Sheets’ single “Glide”, Neves went looking at some past work for a hidden gem that might work with a pop-punk arrangement and upbeat tempo. This uplifting, cheering and dancing craze tune version of “Keep” proved to work really well and the groove was provided by Argentinian drummer Guille Gardeazabal. Henrique decided to mix and master himself, in order to achieve the right sound he had in mind.

“Keep” is the type of track you have playing on a Sunday morning while you clean up the mess of Saturday. The Daily Spreadsheets perfectly captures the vibe of a throwback tv show, the vibe of the song playing in the background while you keep going about your day. The Brazilian based artist is somehow keeping the nostalgia of the present day alive. The classic guitar and drums are the perfect addition to the vocals of Henrique, The Daily Spreadsheets new song “Keep” in on par with their vibes of classic hits. “Keep” feels like a Sunday morning. The Daily Spreadsheet or “The Sheets” has been releasing singles and demos for a little under a year now, with up to 20 singles or demos and almost 1,000 listeners on Spotify, Henrique has no plans of slowing down. Henrique has been accurately giving the nostalgic vibes of tv shows we forgot that we missed, he is bringing our inner child out to play. The Daily Spreadsheets is the band to listen to when you want that moment of peace and reflection, “Keep” is the icing on the cake to the recent releases from The Daily Spreadsheet. You can find all the releases on Spotify, and stalk their IG page for all your visual pleasure.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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