“What Is A Life?” by Third Lung

Every so often, we tend to ponder what the meaning of life is and how we fit into it. While nobody knows for certain, many people have offered their perspectives on this question. UK rock band Third Lung convey their thoughts on this subject matter in an emotionally charged single titled “What Is A Life?”

The single begins in a relatively calm fashion with the guitars and drums, but the volume gradually increases upon reaching the chorus as the guitars become louder and the drums become heavier. Lead singer Tom Farelly sings with a falsetto during the verses which is soft, rich, and pleasant. Listeners can hear the raw emotion in Farrelly’s voice as he sings the following lines. “I need you. I need you to show me.” Throughout the song, Farrelly asks the following question, “What is a life?” One can draw the conclusion that Tom Farelly may be reaching out to God based on the lyrical content of the song as he asks to “Show me what this life is for” and expresses “You need me to see.” The backing vocals within the chorus add a layer of harmony to the composition and they naturally complement Farelly’s vocals. “What Is A Life?” ends by transitioning back to a softer sound as the guitars and drums become less intense.

Third Lung is made up of four individuals from Reading, England. Their sound can be described as a blend of alternative rock and post grunge. Fans of alternative rock and the post grunge scene of the 1990’s will surely appreciate this band.


Written by Brittany Jennings 

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