“Camp Freddie” by Dead Wet Things

It’s hard to think back to a time when basement parties were a thing, to think back to the days of having a mosh pit with your friends in the garage. The vocals of Pablo plus the heaviness of Aidan’s bass playing equals the perfect combination of bringing back that vibe. Frontman Pablo Parker formed Dead Wet Things after being hospitalized in Iceland because of an altercation that led to a bottle of Vodka cutting his eye. Shortly after Guitarist Danny met Pablo for the first time and proceeded to ask do you want to be in a band called ‘Pablo and The Pirates’? Because of this, the duo then returned home to and came up with ‘Dead Wet Things’.

Pablo and Danny pieced together “Camp Freddie” in awe of the tale, and the attitude of freedom but failure the group had. “Camp Freddie” is about crime, mistakes, and culture. After a heavy drinking session, a group of me decided it was a good idea to go and rob a pharmacy. After several days getting away with it, eventually the group were caught and arrested. Aidan on the bass makes this song stand out, it helps give it that movie vibe, “Camp Freddie” paints a picture in your head. You can picture any of your favorite action scene and play “Camp Freddie” over it and it will blow your mind.

“Camp Freddie” was the first release from the group on August 3, and just three days later the four piece band has released another three singles. The powerhouse group is making tremendous waves already with thousands of listens in just under two weeks. Dead Wet Things will be a name that all punk rockers know, the band born out of anarchy is here to stay.

Written by Jaye Maverick





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