“Smoked” by Teen Mortgage

The craigslist buddies of Teen Mortgage is a two piece band made up of James Guile on vocals/guitar and Ed Barakauskas playing the drums. The duo came up with “Smoked” during the pandemic, “it’s an anthem dedicated to the escape from angst and our mundane society that skateboarding gifts you. The title plays a double entendre. In skate culture, “Smoked” means to fall and slam really hard when trying a trick. This is exactly what it felt like to be an American during the pandemic. We slammed really hard, and all we wanted was an escape.”

James, guitarist/vocalist, starts “Smoked” with feedback that we all hate to love. Not long after Ed, drummer, joins in to make it the perfect skateboarding or moshpit song. The vibes of this song are reminiscent Tony Hawks Pro Skater and the Spotify playlist Skatepark Punks. “Smoked” definitely belongs in the ears of all the true punk rockers that still exist. James is an avid skater with an never ending tattoo collection and Ed is an avid weightlifter/powerlifter, with a love for cooking and beer.

“Smoked” is the second single released from the duo this year, but is the lead single from their upcoming EP, also called, “Smoked.” Tracks were recorded and mixed by Justin Day and mastered by Mat Leffler-Schulman. The duo has no intentions of letting the pandemic slow them down, “Smoked” is the first single from Teen Mortgages from upcoming EP “Smoked”.

They were once asked by Don Zientara of Inner Ear Studios, “Do you think your songs would stand up if they weren’t played so loud.” To which James replied, “We could play them softer but this is how the dish is traditionally served.”

Written by Jaye Maverick




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