‘Honour and Pride’ by Zed the Dreamer

Everyone fails in life. No, really. It’s just a little piece that makes every one of us human. Failures are some of the biggest challenges in life to overcome. The best we can do is move forward from those failures and turn them into something beautiful. If not, it can eat away at us for the rest of our lives. Zed the Dreamer’s latest track  ‘Honour & Pride’ perfectly explores this, all with a gorgeous folksy musical sound.

‘Honour & Pride’ is a beautiful folksy ballad-like track. There’s a subtle ambience in the instrumentation that fits just right, and there’s so much emotion behind it. This can especially be seen through the vocals of lead singer Zé Pedro Viveiros. He works wonders with his voice, as he jumps between somber baritone vocals and powerful belting with a lot of charge behind it. A simplicity in the instrumentation really pulls the vocals into the forefront of the track. This is definitely an indie folk ballad that begs to be played on repeat.

The lyrics of Honour & Pride are spattered with poeticism, and this leaves so much room for the listener’s interpretation of the track. One thing that really jumps out is the opening and closing couple lines are the same, “I fell from the stage / Where I was meant to be.” This is definitely an exploration of failure, but there’s so much more hidden within the lyrics. It’s truly captivating. There’s also lyricism talking about another person, possibly a loved one, who’s heart will be broken by the speaker. There’s also some hope in the lyrics, “But oh I have / Failed before / And turned / My failures into seeds.”  But the key word here is “before.” This likely relates to a failure which the speaker is struggling to reconcile with.

Zé Pedro Viveiros, known musically as Zed the Dreamer, is a Portuguese singer-songwriter who makes mainly indie music. He takes tons of influences from folk music, but there’s also bits of rock and pop as well. His music tells beautiful stories and weaves gorgeous pictures within the mind. He’s currently working on a 4 track EP which ‘Honour & Pride’ will be featured on. There are currently two published singles with two more to watch out for. This new EP will explore both love and hate, amongst other deep topics.

Written by Sage Plapp




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