“We Look So Good” by ARIN

London-based artist ARIN’s new single “We Look So Good” is an exploration through past relationships. Managing to capture contrasting emotions is never easy, but the song feels bouncy and uplifting; while retaining its soft sad energy. 

Expressive lead vocals push through the songs ethereal highs and minimalistic lows. One of my favorite parts was how easy to listen to and relatable it was. Every lyric felt like it was delivered from a close friend or relative. Whenever the song broke into one of the instrumental breaks, the chopped vocal samples kept everything interesting.

“We Look So Good” sounds at points like The Chainsmokers, but othertimes leans into the cool piano giving it it’s cool atmosphere. Confident lyrics float over the cool bouncy instrumental. Whenever the synths take over, thickening the texture the song still feels light and easy. Everything feels like it is always pushing forwards. The rhythmic arpeggiator pairs phenomenally with the complicated drum kit parts. 

The chorus was catchy and by the end of the song I could already sing along. It’s lyrics were memorable, and the melodies sounded cool and collected. Despite the at times moody lyrics, “We Look So Good” sounds optimistic and bubbly. 

Although the song is dripping with emotion, it never stops feeling like a dance track. The brutally honest lyrics leave the song feeling light and airy. The strong, recognizable timbre of ARIN’s voice helps give everything depth while the splashy synths move behind him.Heartbreak has never sounded as good as it does here.

“We Look So Good” by ARIN can be found on any major streaming service.


Written by Tyler Roberts





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