“7:30” by Daniella Spadini

“7:30” pulls you in like a Coffee shop on a rainy day. It keeps you hopeful for love that you never should’ve wished for. Daniela crafts lyrics that say exactly what you want to say but never knew how.

Daniela Spadini is an up-and-coming songwriter out of Berklee College of music, and has won impressive scholarships leading up to her journey there. When looking at her lyrics it’s no doubt to understand why she has won those accolades. Daniella’s conflicting struggle between leaving and loving had left her in more pain than expected. We all expect to be heartbroken from time to time but she outlines a gut-wrenching pain felt both staying and leaving.

Garnering thousands of listens on just two singles thus far, she paves a path that is sure to amount to success. She carefully and beautifully takes a piece of your soul while leaving you nostalgic of burning love.

Blown away by streaking guitars of emotion, Daniela shocks you by introducing a sound of guitar that you weren’t expecting from this heart wrenching ballad during the bridge. The bridge is where the true emotion comes out and drives home the message of “7:30”.  Even more validating her feelings of heartbreak, “what’s left burned with me” is a feeling ubiquitous that all lovers know.

While we are hopeful for new love for Daniela, her heartbreak and authenticity that she has shared with the world is inspiring. We can only imagine what other stories she has to share both positive and negative and expect astonishing lyrics just like “7:30”. This song was released last Friday on streaming platforms!

Written by Stephanie Pankewich







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