“smoke alarms” by Liz Moss

Acoustic guitars and dorm rooms have gone hand in hand for some time now. With students baring their souls over an array of songs of protest in the ‘60s, grunge in the ‘90s, and YouTube covers in the here and now. However, many manage to pen their own original works in between finals and term papers like Belmont University’s Lizz Moss. Her debut, “smoke alarms,’ came swiftly after midnight and the chaos of some real-life alarms sounded off one night. 

Liz Moss sat on the floor of her dorm room and just let the music flow freely, and from that came her debut single, “smoke alarms.” It is very singer-songwriter, very chill, very Colbie Caillat circa the ‘Coco’ era. That heartfelt serenade that is light and airy, but also has the capacity to set listeners into a trance. It is not hard to fall for this song within mere seconds because Liz Moss wastes no time getting things started with a haunting first few words. From there though, it opens up and comes through in a way that fans of everyone from Alanis to Alessia Cara will enjoy as the story unfolds. 

Dorm rooms house the world’s next batch of doctors, business folk, movie makers, and in the case of Liz Moss, the next crop of musicians that will have people singing along for years to come. You can sing along to “smoke alarms” by Liz Moss now because it is available now on all major music and streaming sites.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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